Star of Ghost Lover, Felicia Fred is an instagram model setting social media on fire. What with 7000, 000 followers. In this chat with Entertainer, the indigence of Anambra State and brand ambassador for Sniper Energy Drink opens up on career, growing up and her close brush with death among other issues.

Which of your parents did you get your beautiful looks from?

I would say both but especially my mum; I have her exact looks and voice.

 At what point did you discover you wanted to be an actress?

Since I was nine years old I had always known I would be in the entertainment industry probably as a dancer, actor or whatever but It became clear to me on September 7, 2001.

 What happened on that date?

God helped me escape from killers and I realised that life is too short. I experienced a lot of drama and since I knew I could act it became clear to me that acting is what I would love to do when I grow up. I couldn’t pursue it at that age because my parents wouldn’t allow it; they had wanted me to be a lawyer but I chose Theatre Arts but my mum insisted on Mass Communication. After I finished my tertiary education and after my youth service I joined Nollywood in 2015. 

How did you get your first role ever?

I got a DM on Instagram from a producer shortly after I posted a skit after my twerk video…

 Wow! Twerk video?

Yeah… twerking is like an African cultural dance so saying it is a development doesn’t make sense to me because it has always been there.

 What does love mean to you?

Love is what it is called; love. Everyone needs it. And of course I am not excluded from that.

 What are those qualities you look out for in a guy

First of all I am not looking for a guy; let us start from there.

But a woman needs to be loved and cuddled?

Oh really? Good to know.

Don’t you need a man in your life?

Every woman does.

What is your take on lesbianism in Nollywood?

Lesbianism is everywhere, within and outside the industry so it’s irrelevant to specify my take on it.

Have you heard about the lesbian click running Nollywood? Have they reached out to you?

Oh well, it is normal and I don’t wanna go into details on that.

 What was growing up like?

My growing up was interesting. I grew up in Jos and I was present during the war between Christians and Moslems in 2001. It was on my birthday, September 7, when Moslem fanatics invaded my primary school in Jos  and my best friend took a bullet for me and I had to sleep on a mountain top that night and that experience changed my life forever. It made me realize that life is sweet but it could be over at the snap of a finger! From that very moment I took charge of my life. I am talking about war, cold blooded war and this happened  in 2001 when I had just turned nine. Houses were burnt, people were killed and betrayed; it was ruthless. I watched a pregnant woman killed and her baby ripped out from her womb while her killers laughed. I ran and I had to sleep on a mountain that night thinking of my parents; it was my birthday. I never imagined a thing like this could happen because we were supposed to celebrate my birthday with cakes and candles. Rather it was with gunfire, bullets and death.

Do you get nightmares due to your close brush with death?

Yes I did but it only made me stronger.

 Today you have over 700, 000 followers on Instagram and there is a lot of killings going across Nigeria by Fulani herdsmen and terrorists. Are you planning to use that platform to create awareness about the need for peace in Nigeria?

Yes, when it is time because I am still building my brand. However, in my own way I try to support through anonymous donations. More so I want to use my platform to spread love because only love can bring peace. If only we could learn to love one another we would be united and peace will flourish.

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