Don’t know what it feels like to be homeless? Well, you can ask any of your favourite housemates because they’ve had firsthand experience of living out of the comfort of a home, according to Bisola.

Day 67 was the type we could never have imagined. A day where Biggie would prove to the housemates that he’s the landlord and could chase his mere tenants out with a notice of only 45 seconds.

The day started with Bisola leading the workout routine, Efe and Marvis later whipped up breakfast and the housemates took their new favourite positions. TBoss and Debie-Rise in a private location giggling; Bisola, Marvis, Efe and Bally in another location gossiping (who else thinks these four are becoming increasingly petty and annoying?). The usual tension that had swept over the house since Biggie announced they could conspire hung in the air still.

Biggie took hold of the situation by giving the HoH Bisola a brief to read the others. It was a simple instruction. The housemates would be spending the day out in the garden, they were to pack everything they would need and would be allowed brief bathroom breaks. As soon as Bisola read the last words, the housemates jerked to action, running around packing everything they could think of: blankets, food, drinks, beds, pillows, extra pieces of clothing etc.

Did we remember to say that all the housemates except Bally were experiencing the aftermath of eating so many lemons from Day 66 task so they were frequently visiting the toilet? In one word, they were all sick. Biggie promised to send them meds but also insisted that they drank at least 8 cups of water to flush their body system.

While outside, the ninjas monitored the house and the movements of the housemates when they went in for their bathroom breaks, TBoss and Efe took the most turns using the toilet and one could tell that they had grown weak.

Later on, the housemates were let in to the Arena for a shooting task where they had to hit point-based target with a paint guns. After they all had their turns, Bally emerged winner with 400 points. This little victory meant nothing as the housemates went back to continue their outdoor life.

From the perspective of a viewer, the day out in the garden was a ploy by Biggie to ease the tension in the house. There was clearly a division, the housemates had split into two groups of four and two, they had enough space in the house to move with minimal collision. But the garden was different, they were forced to look into each other’s faces, they were confined to a space and they had no choice but to engage and it was fun to watch. Bisola and Debie-Rise talked the most, Marvis and TBoss laughed along and contributed too, Bally chipped in many times but Efe was mostly silent. Maybe he missed gossiping with his clique or he just needed to stay quiet, no one knew for sure what he felt.

The housemates attested to this when they were called in for their Diary Room sessions. They all admitted that they’ve had time to bond again, Bisola particularly said she was happy and had not had this sort of fun since ThinTallTony left the house. It was good for them and pleasant for us to watch as well.

With the mission almost achieved, Biggie demanded that the housemates have to lobby for the opportunity to get back into the house. They prepared for a presentation task and took turns behind a podium convincing Biggie. Efe’s speech seemed the deepest as he took us back to his poor background and apologised for taking the luxuries in the house for granted. Bisola begged that they be allowed to go back in so they would not fall ill. They didn’t quite succeed at convincing Biggie as he left them hanging with “The doors may or may not be open”

Finally, after the housemates had resigned to fate and had prepared to spend their night in the garden, Biggie announced that the could go in. The housemates screamed their gratitude and moved in to another surprise. The ovens and stove had been labelled “Do Not Touch” so there would be no cooking activities. But as sharp young people, they turned to the microwave, made dinner and spent the rest of the night talking as one unit – just the way we like it.

Now to you guys. Which do you prefer – all the six housemates bonding or the four/two division? Let us know.

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