Ok, now I know this world has officially gone mad. When I stumbled on this news, I felt like running to the end of the world with a bottle of coke like Nǃxau ǂToma in “The Gods must be crazy”.

A British has successfully made a dress that beat lady Gaga’s meat dress. Guess what she used to make the dress? Pubic hair! You read right, pubic hair.

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28-year-old designer, Sarah Louis Bryan recently released a bra and skirt outfit made out of pubic hair donated to her via her twitter page.

Her wish to “make the world’s most unique and disgusting design” has finally been fulfilled. Bryan needed six months to get enough pubic hair to create the dress.

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According to Bryan, the donation came mostly from brunettes, but there is red and grey pubic hair in the mix as well.

Do you want to purchase the dress? Well, you can if you are a celeb or own a museum. Bryan is willing to sell her pubic hair dress, but only for the right price and to the right person.

“I would only sell to a high profile celeb or museum,” she told HuffPost. “I’d have to remake the top to size. I wouldn’t make any wearable art for anyone unless they are high profile. I want to be exclusive. you can only have one if you are someone.”

So all the high profile celebs that love to dress crazy or revolutionary are welcome to purchase the dress. I guess the first client would be Lady Gaga.

Last year, she created a dress made from 3,000 Skittles worth $6,500 that became a viral sensation until it melted earlier this year while being transported to Los Angeles, according to the Birmingham Mail.


Bryan has more shocking ideas up her sleeve, but it’s strictly for men only. She is requesting sperm donations from the public for a new idea. Crazy, right?


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