There are hundreds of good drink recipes for parties online, but choosing which ones to use all depends on the number of guests you’re expecting to attend your party.

If you’re planning a quiet get together with close family and friends, a few simply mixed cocktails are ideal. lists easy to make, traditional cocktails such as a Whiskey Sour, Vodka Martini, Rob Roy and a Tom Collins. will give you a few more unusual and exotic cocktails like a Green Fairy Mojito, made 1 ½ oz Beleza Pura® Super Premium Cachaça, 1 oz Absinto Camargo, 8-10 mint leaves, juice of a whole lime, simple syrup, splash of soda; as well as other simpler cocktails like a Zoom Zoom Brazil.

If, however, you’re planning a big bash you might want to consider making a punch. lists varieties of punch. This website also has a large number of non-alcoholic punches, which you may also find useful for guests who are either driving or who are slightly younger. It also gives your guests a good choice of drinks if you offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic punches and cocktails. This website displays cocktails, such as a Mystery Date, which is made using 1 1/2 oz Gin, 1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth, 2 drops Grenadine. also has some good punch recipes like Bombay Punch, Champagne punch recipes and Rum punch recipes. This website has additional information you might find interesting, including a history of punch, presentation tips, and the 8 rules of party punch recipes.

Lastly, you can’t beat a straight forward jug of Sangria. The recipe for this drink does differ depending on the region and country it comes from. There are a few variations, mainly in the type of fruit used, but all containing dry white wine, slices of lemon and orange, sugar and ice cubes. Websites,,, and will list both the traditional Spanish recipe as well as more modern variations. You can find our very own Nigerian Sangria on

Mix your drink today and tell us how it turned out.

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