The name Hoxy was informed by the two words “Hot and Sexy”. First established as an offline magazine featuring an online store in 2010 and it was reintroduced in 2015 as a Blogazine. This change has made it possible for us reach more online readers with various interests. Hoxy Blogazine features a mix of the hottest articles in the areas of Relationship and Love, Entertainment, Fashion and News. We keep you informed about current news as we air our opinions on various subjects.

You might ask, what is a blogazine? According to the Urban Dictionary, it is ‘the fusion of the web-based blog and the classic magazine. A blogazine is like a blog being that it is generally the thoughts of an individual rather than an organization. However, it is also like a magazine in two ways: the content is higher quality (i.e., more refined, more focused, and more selective), and, more importantly, the design of each blog post/magazine article is custom tailored to the content. A traditional blog will use a templated web design for each post. A blogazine post will have a unique html and css underlying that make each post profoundly different and each post more like an article in a magazine.’

Hoxy Blogazine features the most interesting articles that are tailored to your various interests such as relationships, love, fashion, health and fitness. Some people ask questions like, are all Hollywood sex really true? How do I become a cool mom in the technology inspired time? How can I satisfy my wife’s or husband’s sexual need?

To find answers to these questions and much more, simply click on the category – relationship/love on our homepage. You will be redirected to the page where various articles pertaining to this particular category can be found. Other questions in areas of fashion, health and fitness can be found in their related categories.

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Our schedule:

News- Daily

Other articles- Published on Tuesday or Wednesday

Reviews and videos- Published on Thursdays- Twice a month

TGIFF (Thank God It’s Fashion Friday) Sales- Published on Friday/Saturday

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