As you know, the issue of wives depriving their husbands of sex has been a persistent one. This is why we decided to discuss it openly.

In some cases, husbands have used this as an excuse to cheat on their wives. You may hear a husband say, “you didn’t give me, so I went to get it outside” or “I was lonely”. In such scenario, who do you think is at fault? Is it right for a wife to deny her husband sex? Why do women deny their husbands sex?

Women should understand that their husbands want their body because they find them desirable. Moreso, a man would feel hurt if his wife denies him sex all the time. This would hurt his pride.

After discussing some reasons why most women deny their husbands sex, we came to the conclusion that couples should have a balanced view of sex.

No one should ask too much or give too little. Both parties should discuss their sex life openly and reach an agreement.

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