They’re the ultimate in convenience. Some people feel as if they’re missing their right hand when their cell phone is left at home. But are you paying a price for using this convenient technology? If you’re a male or a couple trying to conceive, heavy cell phone usage may not be in your best interest from a health standpoint. A recent study published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility suggests that there may be an association between cell phone use and male infertility.

This study which looked at cell phone use and male infertility, conducted at an Ohio fertility clinic, used 361 men who were being evaluated for fertility problems. The men were divided into groups based on their self reported daily use of cell phones. After undergoing sperm analysis it was found that the number of sperm, sperm structure, and the sperm’s ability to move differed among the groups. Sperm quality was found to decrease as the number of hours spent using a cell phone increased. Previous studies have shown a similar connection between cell phone use and male infertility.

While this study is not the final word on the subject of cell phone use and male infertility, it does raise the question of whether frequent use of a cell phone might cause mail infertility. Cell phones are known to emit radio frequency electromagnetic waves which are high energy waves thought to have the potential to affect biological systems, possibly by altering cellular DNA. Although the exact mechanism by which electromagnetic waves emitted from cell phones might cause infertility is unknown, there are a variety of theories proposed by the experts.

Previous studies have attempted to show a link between cell phone use and the risk of other diseases including cancer, particularly brain tumors. So far, the results have been inconclusive. Although no definitive link has been shown, many experts still consider heavy cell phone usage to be unsafe and are calling for further research.

Should you be concerned that cell phones can cause male infertility? Although larger studies are needed to confirm an association between cell phone use and male infertility, this current study combined with several previous studies that suggest an association are cause for concern.

Until further studies confirm or refute that cell phones can cause male infertility, it’s best to minimize cell phone usage as much as possible, preferably using them only for emergencies. It should be remembered that there was once a time when there were no cell phones and people seemed to get along fine.

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