Today, we are meant to post an article about cell phone use and infertility in men but we decided to post an empowering article for women all over the world. 



Being a sex goddess isn’t about how you look, it is about how you think and how you feel. You don’t have to look like a Victoria Secret model or a porn star to be a sex goddess. You just have to learn to think sexy and feel sexy, it’s all about attitude.


Here are some simple things you can do to alter your way of thinking, define what you think is sexy, and help you find your inner sex goddess. You might want to grab a notebook and a pen because some it requires you to write things down.


These are simple things that can help you see yourself and your sexuality more clearly. They can boost your confidence and help you live life fully and sexually.


looking at herself in a mirror

1 Evaluate yourself in the mirror, what are your best features? Decide what you would like to change about your physical appearance, if it can be changed- start doing something about it, if it can’t -learn to accept it and love it. Learn how to accentuate your strengths and your best assets. Learn to love yourself and see your inner beauty.





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2 Start exercising; get your body in shape for sex. A healthy body is a sexy body. Plus exercise combats depression and releases natural endorphins that make you feel better which will help you feel sexier.


3 Write down a list of your strengths and weaknesses both physical and mental/emotional. Work on enhancing your strengths.


4 Make a list of the women you think are sexy and why. This could be a fictional character in a movie or on TV or it could be your next door neighbor or someone you work with.


Describe what you think is sexy, define sex appeal to you.


6Pamper yourself, give yourself a wonderful treat, take some time to yourself, do something that feels good that you find relaxing.

Summer girl (Sexy woman eating a slice of lemon)


7 Give your bedroom a makeover; turn it into a love nest with exotic bold colors, sensual fabrics, soft lighting, lots of fluffy pillows, and candles. Get rid of the pink frilly ruffles and lace, think sexy, silk, satin, velvet, damask, brocade, rich sumptuous fabrics that will tease and tantalize your skin.



8 Order some lingerie catalogs or shop online, buy some new and sexy lingerie. Get something you would have never considered buying before, be bold and daring.



9 Make a list of places you would like to travel to (they can be 30 or 3000 miles away or anywhere in between). Now make arrangements to go to one of these places.
Make a list of things you would like to do (ex: take a Pilates class, an art class or learn to tango) pick one item from your list and go do it




By Roxanne Rhoads


Be you, be bold and beautiful.



In the next article: Is your cellphone causing problems in the male department? Find out next week Tuesday.

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