Every woman, at one time or another, has faked an orgasm. There are many reasons for her to fake it – maybe she’s tired or the chemistry isn’t there. In any case, nothing is more mysterious than the faked orgasm. Some women are so good at faking it you’d never suspect a thing.


So how can you tell when she’s acting and when she’s really having an orgasm? There are some subtle – and not so subtle – ways to tell.


Before unveiling the telltale signs of a true orgasm, it should be noted that not every woman is the same. Some women are naturally more vocal in bed than others, while some women are practically silent. There are movers and shakers, and there are women who barely move at all. The following tips should be read keeping in mind that each orgasm is a unique experience.


If it is real, her nipples will likely be erect






A real orgasm will usually leave a woman breathless and with erect nipples. This occurs among many women, although several environmental factors may cause a false-positive on this. Is the room or area cold? Was your chest brushing against hers? Does she have very sensitive breasts? Was she wearing a lacy bra?     These factors should be considered before declaring the orgasm as real.



What state is her clitoris in?




 The clitoris does not lie. If your bedmate has had an orgasm, her clitoris will be engorged and throbbing. You can feel her pulse through it. Also, her clitoris will be quite sensitive. While the erect nipples could be questionable, the post-orgasm clitoris is unmistakable.




Is she louder or more involved than usual?





The women who are less skilled at faking orgasms tend to overact, moaning loudly, screaming, and panting. You could give her the benefit of the doubt – she could be trying a new approach or she might be really turned on. All in all, the throes of passion could have you falsely accusing her of faking it. If your woman goes from mild to wild with no explanation, she very well could be faking her orgasm.


Faking orgasm is one mysterious skill, but paying close attention will allow you to determine if she is truly enjoying herself or just acting. If you do discover she is faking it, try not to be discouraged. Try some new moves on her or more foreplay and she’ll show you a real, earth-shattering orgasm next time.


Devon McCollum


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