sn’t that why we all want a good job? You dream of a well paying job that would set you up for life. The first step to get that job starts with writing a winning resume. In this article, you would learn how to write a resume that stands out amongst other job seekers.

Job seekers understand that the single most influential document needed to launch a new career is an impressive resume. Fortunately, with a little extra effort, a job seeker can create a resume that will help them stand out and secure the job they desire.

The first step to writing a winning resume is to ensure that the resume is compelling enough to grab the employer’s attention. Most employers simply skim over resumes until they find something that causes them to feel interested and awake. The best way to wake an employer is to adapt the resume in a way that draws the eyes of the employer.


Job seekers can do this by finding out what the employer wants and highlighting every skill and characteristic that would make them perfect for the position. This means that each resume that is sent out to an employer needs to be tailored specifically to that employer. A decent job usually attracts between 100 and 1000 resumes. This means that job seekers are facing stiff competition. Having a resume that stands out from the crowd is essential if a person wants to get the job that they’re after.


There are several questions that a winning resume should answer. The first question that the resume needs to answer is who the individual is. Who you are should be identified in the objective. The objective serves as space for a person to explain their vision for themselves and what is it they want to accomplish within a company. The next question that the resume should answer is what are the individual’s key abilities. The final question that it should answer is what the person’s greatest accomplishments were.


The best resumes also have a second set of eyes proofreading them. It’s important to have someone else review the resume. Gaining an objective view of the resume can help strengthen a resume and eliminate any negative points. The proofreader’s job is to accentuate the positive and help eliminate any negative or irrelevant points.


The final step to having a winning resume is to make sure that the resume gets to the point. A resume is very similar to a personal advertisement and an individual should never crowd the advertising space with useless or vague statements. Be clear, concise, and eliminate any unnecessary wording.

Now, go and get that dream job!

Haven Esme


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