Am a shoe freak, giving the opportunity I would probably shoe shop everyday but there are a lot of things to consider am giving up on that thought for now, but this doesn’t mean I would not get the shoe that I absolutely Love No siri when I see a fabulous looking pair of gorgeous foot wear there is nothing that would stop me. Okay, enough about me but this is the reason I have been ranting about my love for shoes;

Amazing! right?  just look at the tiny buckle detail on this number, its such a gorgeous pair, this Tabitha Simmons blue satin strappy pumps are simply irresistible. And this is how Stella Uzo wore them.


Gorgeous right? This is the perfect way to turn up to work on a Monday (in a next level shoe). Want another view of Tabitha Simmons “Josephina” pumps? Here’s a front view

Front View

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