It’s Monday!!! Who’s Excited? I know we all wished the weekend would be longer but we have to get back to work, it is what it is, so there’s no need to stress it. Hope you had a glass of lemon water before leaving home this morning? REMEMBER its good for you. I digressed a little (it was needed), as is usual for Mondays we bring to you the latest aso ebi styles, this week I love the aso ebi styles that are on display, they are playful and chic; scroll down to view this aso ebi styles am sure there’s something in there for you:

There are so many aso ebi styles but this simple style would do the magic, just pair with the right Gele and an upbeat face for perfection.


Black and white is a dazzling color any day anytime, but remember it is also a blank canvas to play with, accessorize with black and white or go for colors like red, orange, pink, maroon etc.


Green is one gorgeous color and if you know how to pull it off #pure perfection. Accessorize your green ensemble with silver, white, black or gold jewelries to give it life.


Blue is an all time favorite, gold and silver jewelries fit perfectly but you can try any other colors like yellow, red, pink and a darker or lighter shade of blue.


Beige is sometimes called dull but when metallic, shimmers and glitters are on the print they become fascinating.


Hot pink is an all time favorite pair with other colorful accessories if you wish.

Sapphire is beautiful and once you wear it correctly there’s no limit to the heads that would turn.


A mix print is always fabulous, just get your tailor to do it correctly.


White is the number one aso ebi fall color, because it goes with any and everything.


This aso ebi styles are amazing, with their gorgeous colors and intricate detailing they are certainly styles to mimic for your next owambe outing.



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