Whats’s good (lol, borrowing from nicki minaj) anyways, I want to assume a lot of you are pro’s by now when it comes to taking care of your natural hair, but many and I dare say about 78% are still struggling with how to take care of their natural hair. Now this situation is not helpless neither is it hopeless because the truth is many do not understand the rudiments of taking care of the natural kinky hair and then frustration sets in.

One of the most important natural hair care know how is the night time routine, this part of thenatural hair care is so important yet this is the part that gets skipped a lot, one tip to mastering night time natural hair care is to develop an easy routine. Below are guides on what you need and how you can achieve the proper night time hair care routine:

  • Moisturizing is so important for a naturalista, if you don’t want to wake up with a matted hair or walk around all day with a coarse hair. Typically every naturalista should moisturize their hair twice a day, using their favorite cream, butter or essential oil.
  • Now if you want a more refined look in the morning then the best option is to make a protective hairstyle before going to bed, some of these hairstyle includes: Twist and Braid, Pineappling, Tuck and Roll.



Tuck and Roll

  • Finally always make sure to cover your hair with a satin bonnet and if you don’t want to use that then get a silk pillow case because cotton has a tendency of causing hair breakage, so avoid at all cost.

Finally remember that your buns or twist or tucks don’t have to be neat, because of cause its for night time. Don’t forget the night time routine if you want a healthy and balanced hair.

Source: madivas.com

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