Men commonly make a few mistakes, that if corrected can lead to a much more satisfying sex live for yourself and the women in your life. Elements of dominance, presence, variety and emotion play the most important roles in a good sex life. Each of these factors can be improved upon with a little bit of practice, which is, needless to say, quite enjoyable.


First, a woman desires a man to lead her to the promise land of sexual ecstasy. The most powerful ways to do this is with masculine dominance. Lead the sexual experience however you see fit, but in a consensual manner as dominance is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs you can naturally produce. In plain English this means you must engage her body, not her mind. Show her how attractive and sexy you find her by taking her and having your way with her. Don’t ignore her needs either, but enjoy pleasing her the way you wish to.


Another common mistake men make is to over-think the situation. Don’t get caught thinking about techniques in the heat of the moment. Instead focus on the how you are feeling in your body. That is, you will be in your head and not enjoying the moment together, which robs you of the richness of the experience. Nothing kills the mood more than a guy who is “trying” and not really enjoying the moment-to-moment experience.


It’s also very important not let sex become a routine as a woman will get bored if she is able to predict how the sex will be with you. Spontaneity and novelty disappear and then sex becomes stale. Switch it up often enough to keep it fresh, but don’t overdo it. Get creative. Use the furniture, use toys, have sex outdoors and even your office. The best sex is spontaneous and exciting because we all love something new. Keep it exciting and novel!


One of the single most important aspects of good sex is the emotional content. Great sex often happens with someone you have strong feelings for, showing the role that emotions play in great sex. This is also the most difficult aspect for men to understand as most men can be emotionally distant during sex. Try to be emotionally authentic and you will find sex to be at its best and most enjoyable. Don’t hold back on the woman you’re with or she will sense that and hold back on you. Instead, let go and be emotional with your woman. A good emotional connection binds your physical and emotional pleasures together taking sex to the next level.


To sum it all up, try to remember to lead your woman in the moment, mixing it up with her to keep it interesting, while at the same time showing your true emotions. Follow these simple guidelines and a better love life awaits.

What mistake do you think men make when making love?


Mike Hill

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