If you’re a single man who doesn’t care about clothes, you may be in for a surprise. Whether you’re getting ready for a first date or just updating your online profile picture, you might want to pay a little extra attention to your wardrobe. You already know that a polished look will help you meet ladies, but did you know that the colour of the shirt you wear can also increase your chances of attracting women? According to a recent study, women find men more sexually desirable when they wear red.

The University of Rochester’s recent study suggests that women around the world are more attracted to men in red. The findings were consistent regardless of country, culture, or ethnicity. The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, indicates that wearing red could be a bachelor’s key to looking desirable and attracting more ladies.

Women in China, the US, England, and Germany rated the men who wore red higher on the social ladder than any other color. The study suggests that red symbolizes high status and power on a subconscious level. These qualities are important for women, because they want to feel financially secure with their future partner. Although the colour red did not affect the women’s opinion of the men’s personality, it did spark a noticeable first impression across the board.

As everyone in the dating world knows, first impressions are everything. How can you make this new finding work for you? If you don’t have a red shirt in your closet, you’re not out of luck. Even men surrounded by red were considered attractive in the study. Try a red tie or other red accessories to get her attention. Whether you wear red or just bring her red flowers, you will increase your odds of making a sexy first impression.

So Hunks, rock that red cap, tie, pocket square, blazer or shirt today!

By H.K.Nunzio

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