Gladiator sandals are the latest shoe trend that continues to grow in popularity. The sexy straps, variations in heels and peep-toe holes make these oh-so-cute sandals totally irresistible. They are fitting for the girls that love tall heels as well as those who are enjoying the latest flat styles. So whether you are a tall-heeled fashionista or a casual relaxed type of girl, gladiator sandals will fill your every shoe desire

Okay did anyone say it is a fashion for the ladies alone? Far from it. As this breathable, comfortable and smart footwear hits its comeback, it’s not only the Avant -garde gladiator styles that are being pushed this season- the sandal has taken on a more wearable form that should help increase its appeal to the everyday male.


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Most gladiator sandals reveal the toes, making it fun to show off those perfectly-painted toenails every girl desires and the hunk’s pedicured feet. The strappy-covered sandals allow not only the toes to peek out, but also flashes of skin, giving them a sexy appeal.

Gladiator sandals vary in height, ranging from the ankle all the way up to the knee. Ankle-height gladiators come both flat and heeled, changing the style from casual day to sexy night. Knee-length gladiators give a sexy look to the leg; they are not quite sandals and not quite boots. They are especially cute paired with a trendy dress.




Another thing to consider when buying your new gladiators is the type of material they are made with. Would you prefer leather sandals, suede or something different? They come in a variety of styles and made with a variety of materials. Some sandals use both leather and suede, creating dimension and diversity.

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With this in mind, we bring to you gladiator sandals inspiration onHoxy Shops.

Hey Babes and Hunks, how would you pair your gladiator sandals?

Audrey Pannell

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